Wood Coatings

Liquiguard Technologies has a great selection of tinted sealers and finish wood coatings to enhance color and provide lasting protection for any type of wood. Our coatings are designed to provide the quality of today's competitive urethane based wood sealers and varnishes in a water-based, eco-friendly, single solution that's safe and easy to apply.

With impressive durability to weather the most demanding environments, they offer long-lasting UV protection, and are resistant against liquids, stains and scratches. Our wood coatings may be applied on flooring, decking and other wooden products such as furniture, sculptures, side paneling or fencing.

TeakRenu - Starting at: $14.95

TeakRenu - is a water-based, tinted coating designed to protect and enhance teak wood. It provides superior protection and a lasting appearance of freshly oiled teak on furniture, veneers, marine craft and more.

TeakRenu has built-in UV protection that will not crack, peel or yellow; and suppresses the dulling and graying that occurs when teak is exposed to sunlight and rain. Click For More Information

SealTuff - Starting at: $12.95

SealTuff - is a water-based coating that seals and enhances a wide variety of natural and composite wood type surfaces. This crystal clear solution provides a durable, protective finish that enhances wood grain and brightens the wood's natural appearance. It's a long lasting solution towards protecting your wood furniture and maintaining a beautiful like new appearance with minimal maintenance. Click For More Information

LigPro - Starting at: $59.95

LigPro Natural wood with its many colors, hues and patterns is a cherished gift by nature that is used widely in many everyday products. But along with its charm and beauty, it has an inherent weakness. Wood is a hygroscopic (easily absorbs and retains moisture) material and is composed of mostly cellulose, hemicellulose and lignin. Lignin comprises almost 25% of the structure of wood and confers mechanical strength to the cell wall by filling the spaces between cellulose and hemicellulose. Unfortunately, lignin is also the weak link in the system due to its hygroscopic nature which leads to fungal infections, deterioration and eventual rot. This process is further aided by irradiation via exposure to ultraviolet rays. Click For More Information