UniBond110 is a single solution, cured bonding agent and primer used to promote adhesion on hard to bond surfaces with only one coat! It is designed to be applied before other coatings and sealers, in which the primer dries in minutes creating a clear, permanent bond with the coated surface. The once hard-to-coat surface then allows coatings and sealers to bond with it without delaminating, or failing to adhere to the surface.

UniBond110 may be applied onto surfaces which are likely to encounter abrasions, heavy traffic or exposure to liquids and oils within the first 24 hours after application. Under such circumstances, UniBond100 may help prevent the top coat from delaminating the substrate, along with other potential coating failures. UniBond110 may be used before applying Liquiguard's or other manufacturer's coatings onto surfaces such as glass, glazed ceramic tiles, porcelain, steel, aluminum, brass, concrete and some plastics.

It's also an eco-friendly, biodegradable primer, with non-hazardous ingredients that won't produce harmful fumes or odors.

UniBond110 Product Details

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UniBond110 Preparationo

UniBond110 To ensure best adhesion to glass, clean the target surface with a vinegar-modified glass cleaner. Most other surfaces should be wiped with an alcohol or similar material to clean before applying UniBond 110.

UniBond110 Application

UniBond110 may be applied by spraying, dipping or brushing. For most flooring applications, a microfiber mop is the recommended method of application. UniBond110 hydrolyzes in moist air and therefore the ambient humidity will affect the cure time. In most instances 10 to 15 minutes of cure time should be adequate prior to application of the top coat.

CAUTION: Recommended for use by trained personnel using necessary precautions for solvent based materials. When application is over large areas make sure there is adequate ventilation. Use of safety glasses and gloves is strongly recommended. For best adhesion, apply top coat within 24 hours after primer application.


Each gallon of UniBond110, when properly applied, should provide coverage of approximately between 750 to 1,000 square feet of coverage on non porous surfaces.


Clean spills and spatters immediately with clean water. Clean hands and tools immediately after use to prevent the coating from setting up as the dry coating will be difficult to remove. If the application is via spraying, flush spray equipment with sufficient amount of clean water to prevent any residue of APM-301 staying in the system and clogging up the mechanism.