Fast Drying Surface Primers

In order to fully benefit from surface protective coatings, the coatings must have a strong bond with the surfaces that are applied. Without this bond, even the best coatings will fail to deliver its promise to adhere to the surface and provide protection. Liquiguard Technologies surface primers offer an effective and complete range of primer solutions for virtually any type of flooring.

Like all of our coatings, our water-based primers are eco-friendly without harmful toxins or fumes. And they may be used with Liquiguard floor coatings, as well as other water-based and solvent-based acrylic, epoxy and urethane coatings from other suppliers. Liquiguard primers are also single component solutions designed for quick, safe and easy application. They feature incredibly fast dry times which enable faster applications in mission-critical commercial, industrial and residential applications.

UniBond110 - Starting at: $74.95

UniBond110 - is a single-solution, cured bonding agent and primer used to promote adhesion on hard-to-bond surfaces with just one coat! It's to be applied before other coatings and sealers creating a surface that will bond easily to other coatings. May be applied onto glass, glazed ceramic tiles, porcelain, steel, aluminum, brass, concrete and some plastics. Click For More Information

UniPrimer - Starting at: $39.95

UniPrimer - is a clear, water-based primer and sealer that enhances adhesion on all indoor and outdoor surfaces. It's designed to help porous and hard-to-coat surfaces bond with the coating. UniPrimer dries quickly, and has built-in UV protection that will not fade, crack, peel or yellow. Click For More Information