Specialty Metal Coatings

Liquiguard Technologies has the best metal coating solutions designed to protect, maintain and extend the lifespan of a wide range of metals including aluminum, brass, bronze, chrome, pewter, cast iron, silver, stainless steel, etc.

This unique line of eco-friendly, biodegradable coatings offer solutions to prevent tarnishing, oxidization, flash rust and corrosion, by repelling moisture, too. These water-based coatings are safe and easy to apply without releasing any toxins or fumes. And will maintain the look and feel of your metals without damaging the surfaces.

Lusterite - Starting at: $19.95
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Lusterite - is a water-based, protective gloss coating that prevents the occurrence of tarnish and oxidation on bright and lustrous metals. It protects metals from scratching and marring, and resists finger-print marks when handled. Lusterite is also UV-resistant keeping metals from fading and deteriorating. And it has built-in mildewcides to prevent the growth of mold and mildew.

MetalPro - Starting at: $19.95
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MetalPro - prevents the occurrence of flash rust and corrosion on ferrous metal such as mild steel and cast iron. It creates a dry, durable film that bonds with the coated surface preventing water, moisture and other contaminates from directly attacking the metal surface.

Liquiguard CC - Starting at: $29.95
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Liquiguard CC - is an unprecedented, chemical coating that protects electronic devices and printed circuit assemblies from damage caused by moisture, water, beverages, non-corrosive liquids and even mild solvents.