SilCote-As an inorganic hybrid polymer, represents an exciting technology in coatings that can provide anti-slip surface Finishes that are more durable than what has been possible until now. It can be applied to practically all everyday surfaces to achieve OSHA and ADA compliant co-efficient of friction (COF) levels. SilCote-As is an extremely easy to work with two part coating that can be formulated to very low VOC levels depending on regional and application requirements.

SilCote-As coatings are hard, tough with excellent abrasion, chemical, solvent and stain resistance. They provide outstanding UV and weather protection and can be even used in continuously submerged applications. SilCote-As coatings retain their color and gloss far better than practically any other topcoat in the protective coating industry, including the best of breed epoxies and polyurethane. SilCote-As is safe and easy to apply and is fully compatible with existing cleaning modalities such as walk-behind mechanical cleaning equipment.

SilCote-As does not require burnishing, thus less aggressive cleaning with safer cleaning agents and softer bristle pads is recommended. SilCote-As provides an abrasion, stain and water resistant glossy finish that helps protect the coated surface from wear and damage while reducing regular and costly maintenance such as stripping, polishing and waxing in a range of facilities including hospitals, universities, schools, airports, restaurants, hotels and resorts.

No More Stripping - Stripping, burnishing or waxing are no longer necessary. When it is time to re-coat, simply add a fresh coat right over the existing coat. Quick and easy, once every 2 to 3 years. Cheaper - No stripping or burnishing means less odor, maintenance, labor and lower maintenance costs. An estimated 86% of odor care cost is labor. SilCote-As can eliminate up to 70% of that cost. Sustainable - SilCote-As is a great way to make facilities more "green" compliant. Stripping, burnishing and re-waxing floors emit air pollutants, create chemical by-products and waste precious commodities such as electricity and water.

SilCote-As with its unique chemistry and composition, ease of use and outstanding durability is now the coating of choice for all topcoat applications. Unlike other 2-part coatings it has virtually no unpleasant fumes or odors. High solids and extensive coverage make SilCote-As a cost effective, long term solution.


SilCote-AP can be applied to all common flooring surfaces including natural and composite stone, plastic, natural and composite wood, metal, glass, ceramic and concrete. The preparation requirement is fairly modest. Make sure that the target surface is free of oil and greasy contaminants and is free of dirt and debris. There is no requirement for primers and bonding agents.


SilCote-AP is a 2-part coating supplied as Part-A and Part-B. Part-A is the resin and also has the anti-slip aggregate pre-mixed. Part-B is the catalyst that enables the curing and hardening of the resin to develop the ultimate physical properties. The mixing ratio is 8:1 and should be strictly maintained in order to ensure optimal functionality. Eight parts of Par-A should be poured into a plastic or metal container just prior to application. Add one part of Part-B to the Part-A in the container and gently stir the mix till a clear slightly straw colored liquid is obtained. This ensures that the two parts have thoroughly homogenized. Each gallon of SilCote-AP will provide a single coat coverage over approximately 750 to 1000 square feet, at approximately 1.5 mil DFT (0.37 mm dry lm thickness) depending on the nature of the substrate and method of application. The 'wet edge' or working time of SilCote-AP is approximately 2 hours making it very spray process friendly. It is important to mix only enough material that can be comfortably and properly coated during this time window.


SilCote-AP can be applied by brush, roller or HVLP sprayer after preparing surface as recommended above. All basic precautions associated with paints and painting should be followed including proper ventilation, masking o areas that will not be coated and preventing air borne debris from invading the area being coated and while the coating is wet. IMPORTANT: The area being coated should be well ventilated and there should be no exposure to open flames or sparks of any kind.


SilCote-AP has a 2 to 3 hour working time which gives the applicator more than sufficient time to coat large areas, mix additional batches and rectify coating problems and defects along the way. Full cure requires approximately 8 hours. An overnight cure is highly recommended. At this time the coating will have hardened sufficiently to permit foot traffic c and will have developed liquid and stain resistant properties. The chemical integration of the resin matrix will continue over the next 48 to 72 hours at which time SilCote-AP will achieve its optimal abrasion , chemical and weather resistant properties.


Tools, equipment and containers used for the SilCote-AP application can be thoroughly wiped clean with a basic alcohol based solvent such as isopropyl alcohol (IPA commonly known as 'rubbing alcohol'). Tools and other equipment can and then be washed with soap and water if necessary. Liquiguard's EcoKleanz provides an excellent choice for an e effective bio-based cleaning solvent if there is a need to remove and reapply worn or damaged SilCote-AP. Overruns and spills can also be remedied with EcoKleanz. SilCote-AP cleanup residue should be disposed o in a manner similar to disposing normal oil based paint residue and trash.