LiquiGrip Sport

LiquiGrip Sport is a crystal clear non-slip coating formulated to provide a secure grip over all types of materials and surfaces. It is suitable for use on surfboards, paddleboards and the various other boards, including skateboards, popular in the sports industry . Its application requires nothing more than simply spraying or brushing the target surface with LIQUIGRIP. It is a rapid dry coating and will allow the user to put the board in to action in less than 30 minutes after application, depending on the ambient temperature.

LiquiGrip Sport will develop full cure and lasting adhesion after overnight drying. LiquiGrip Sport provides a much higher level of grip and will outlast any wax currently available on the market. Rejuvenating the grip feature, when necessary, is simply a matter of applying a fresh coat. LiquiGrip Sport is the strongest single component rubberized coating available that remains flexible throughout its operating temperature of -40°F to 150°F (-40°C to 60°C). It will retaining its integrity even when submerged for extended periods. LiquiGrip Sport bonds tenaciously with all types of materials including fiberglass, plastic, wood, metal, etc. including porous and non-porous surfaces. LIQUIGRIP's bond strength also permits its use as an outstanding adhesive. The crystal clear coating allows the color and art of the coated surface to show through without compromise.

LiquiGrip Sport has excellent ultra-violet resistance for marine and outdoor applications. It is not affected by saltwater and most everyday liquids and chemicals including alcohol, beer, oils, greases, fuel, acids and common solvents. It is also resistant to mold, mildew and bacteria. Besides spray cans, LiquiGrip Sport is also available in eight ounce, quart, gallon and 5 gallon sizes.


LiquiGrip Data Sheets

LiquiGrip Product Data Sheet