Safeguards home and commercial environments from slip and fall accidents, seals cracks, adds a classy look and sleek color!

FlexDuraCote is a polymer based, colorized, non slip coating designed to protect home and commercial environments from slip and fall accidents. It may be used on indoor and outdoor surfaces to help create a safe, non skid environment and adds aesthetic value to the property. FlexDuraCote is a high solids, water based, floor coating that is a single component solution which means no mixing required. It provides high adhesion to all types of surfaces and dries rapidly at ambient temperature of 77° to 80° degrees Fahrenheit.

It waterproofs surfaces exposed to rain, liquids, oil, grease and other slippery contaminates. FlexDuraCote contains high-end pigments and built-in UV protection that protects against fading and cracking caused by sunlight and other environmental conditions. Its thermal insulation property keeps the surface cool enough to permit exposure to bare feet.

This eco-friendly, biodegradable coating can be applied with a brush or roller. It contains no hazardous ingredients, and the extremely low VOC aspect keeps it free of harmful fumes and odors. FlexDuraCote may be special ordered in custom colors at an additional fee. Please contact us directly.

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FlexDuraCote Features

  • Water-based, single-component coating (no mixing)
  • Available in multiple colors
  • Easy application
  • Environmentally-friendly (no fumes, no odors)
  • Appropriate for areas with heavy pedestrian and light vehicular traffic
  • Adheres to all types of materials and surfaces
  • Waterproof & stain-resistant
  • Can be pressure washed
  • Durable anti-slip surface
  • Rapid dry times with ambient temp. of 77° +F
  • Can be touched up or repaired easily
  • Keeps surfaces cool for bare feet

FlexDuraCote Surface Preparation

For best, long-term results, careful surface preparation is essential. Unlike solvent-based coatings, water-based coatings cannot dissolve and penetrate oily and greasy surfaces. Therefore, they will not bond properly in the presence of such contaminants--debris and surface dirt will distort the coating prole. Therefore, prior to the application of FlexDuraCote, the targeted surface should be cleaned thoroughly. When application is over surfaces that have a prior coating or paint, pressure washing these surfaces is highly recommended to remove loose and deteriorating material which may inhibit proper bonding.

FlexDuraCote Application

FlexDuraCote is best applied with a foam roller, thin stiff bristle broom or a squeegee. Pour the material at a strategic point on the surface, and spread it evenly across the surface treating no more than 25 square feet per person at a time. Make sure the surface temperature is cool enough to permit easy spreading due to the fast drying nature of the coating.

FlexDuraCote is designed to provide adequate coverage with a single coat. If more than one coat is desired, make sure that the first coat is sufficiently dry before applying the second coat. After overnight drying, the coated surface will be ready to accept foot traffic. A minimum of 24-hour cure time is necessary prior to subjecting FlexDuraCote to vehicular traffic. The curing process will continue over a 48 to 72 hour period, at which time it will achieve its optimal properties. Do not apply at temperatures below 50°F or above 90°F. Postpone the application if rain or heavy dew is imminent. Avoid heavy buildup, puddling, and overlapping.

FlexDuraCote Coverage

FlexDuraCote is designed to be used as supplied and should not be thinned or mixed with other materials. Coverage per gallon will be dependent on the porosity of the target surface and the ultimate dry lm thickness desired. In general, FlexDuraCote should yield on average about 100 square feet per gallon.

FlexDuraCote will easily fill small cracks and deformations to provide a smooth contiguous surface. For wide cracks, deep holes, etc., it is best to repair with a patching compound suitable for the intended surface prior to the application of FlexDuraCote.