Non Slip And Slip Resistant Coatings

Non Slip coatings for indoor and outdoor flooring, mats, rugs and more.

Slip and fall accidents are the second greatest cause of injury and death in the U.S. behind car accidents. And according to the National Safety Council, the related costs from slip and fall accidents including medical care, lawsuits/settlements, lost productivity and wages exceed $100 billion annually!

Whether you're trying to protect your home or business, Liquiguard's non-slip coatings are designed to easily safeguard your surfaces to prevent future slips, trips and falls.

We have products that will convert any indoor and outdoor surface, including bathtubs and shower stalls, into a non-slip surface. And we also keep area rugs, floor mats and other items in place without damaging your goods or your surfaces. Our eco-friendly, water-based coatings are all single solutions, making them safe and easy to apply without producing any harmful toxins or fumes.

SolidStepCote Data Sheets

SolidStepCote Product Data Sheet | SolidStepCote MSDS | Wet Pendulum Test Results

(DIY Tub and Shower Kit) - Starting at: $24.95

SolidStepCote 02 (Do It Yourself Tub and Shower Kit) - is our gentlest solution to prevent slip and fall accidents in bathtubs and showers. This formula has texture similar to 200-grit sandpaper, and is much less abrasive on bare skin; for those who enjoy bathing as well as showering. Click For More Information
DIY Tub and Shower Kit

SolidStepCote 01 - Starting at: $29.95

SolidStepCote 01 - is our most lightly textured formula. Similar to 400-grit sandpaper. It's designed for indoor surfaces are less likely to become slippery, but require anti slip protection that maintains a close appearance to the original surface. Click For More Information
SolidStepCote 01

SolidStepCote 02 - Starting at: $29.95

SolidStepCote 02 - is our recommended solution for homes and businesses that must prevent slip and fall accidents while still maintaining floor aesthetics. It features a fine aggregate, similar to 200 grit sandpaper, which is almost invisible to the eye, but still addresses floor safety. Click For More Information
SolidStepCote 02

SolidStepCote 03 - Starting at: $29.95

SolidStepCote 03 - is our most popular formula to prevent slip and fall accidents indoors and outdoors. The surface is coarser than SolidStepCote 02, with texture similar to 100 grit sandpaper. It provides greater slip resistance for homes and businesses that require intense indoor protection and lighter outdoor protection. Click For More Information
SolidStepCote 03

SolidStepCote 04 - Starting at: $29.95

SolidStepCote 04 - is our most effective non slip solution for more industrial indoor and outdoor environments. It's our coarsest solution, similar to 50 grit sandpaper for environments that are more likely to encounter slip and fall accidents due to wet or slippery surfaces; caused by rain, pool water, oil or grease. Click For More Information
SolidStepCote 04

FlexDuraCote - Starting at: $119.95

FlexDuraCote - is a colorized, non slip coating that protects home and commercial environments from slip and fall accidents. May be used indoors and outdoors.

It waterproofs surfaces exposed to rain, liquids, oil, grease and other slippery contaminates. Has built-in UV protection that prevents fading and deteriorating; and thermal insulation to keep surfaces cool enough for bare feet. Available in nine different colors, as well as custom colors for an additional fee. Click For More Information
FlexDuraCote Color Selection

GripCote X - Starting at: $24.95

GripCote X - GripCote-X is a dark, semi-viscous solution designed to prevent slip, trip and fall accidents on industrial and commercial floor matting. GripCote-X provides both non-slip and waterproofing properties to prevent movement and hydroplaning effects with various mats. Dries to a black-brown color. Click For More Information


Gripcote Hitac - Starting at: $24.95

Gripcote Hitac - The "Liquid Magnet": GripCote Hi-Tac is a waterproof, non-transferring releasable adhesive formula designed with intensive tackiness to be used as a bonding agent for Carpet Tiles, Luxury Vinyl Tiling, various wallcovering tiles and panels and many other surfaces. Once cured, Hi-Tac will not impart any residue to the contacting surface. Click For More Information

Gripcote Hitac

GripCote ULTRA - Starting at: $24.95

GripCote ULTRA - A clear non-slip and waterproofing solution formulated for application on all area rugs. GripCote ULTRA is applied directly to the rug backing and eliminates movement and separation issues between the rug and pads or underlayment. Will not transfer or leave residue - use on all surfaces including wood, stone and tile. Click For More Information

GripCote Ultra

LiquiGrip - Starting at: $9.95

LiquiGrip - is a crystal clear safety coating formulated to create a non-slip grip over all types of objects around homes, businesses and industry. Its application requires nothing more than simply painting the target surface with LiquiGrip using a foam or bristle brush. Allow the coating to dry for several hours, preferably overnight if possible. Depending on the use of the treated surface the coating will provide non-slip service for a year or longer. Rejuvenating the better grip feature is simply a matter of applying a fresh coat. LiquiGrip is also available in a 6 oz. and 12 oz. spray can. Click For More Information


LiquiGrip Sport - $14.95

LiquiGrip Sport Is suitable for use on surfboards, paddleboards and the various other boards, including skateboards, popular in the sports industry . Its application requires nothing more than simply spraying or brushing the target surface with LIQUIGRIP. It is a rapid dry coating and will allow the user to put the board into action in less than 30 minutes after application, depending on the ambient temperature. Click For More Information

LiquiGrip Sport

SilCoteAS - Starting at: $24.95

SilCoteAS - (Anti-Slip) is an environmentally-friendly, 2 part urethane non slip protective coating that seals and provides a high gloss decorative finish for a variety of hard indoor flooring surfaces including concrete, stone, VCT, terrazzo, marble and tile. SealCote has resistance towards abrasion, stains and water that helps protect the coated surface from wear and damage, reducing frequent costly maintenance such as stripping, polishing and waxing in commercial environments such as grocery stores, retail stores, hospitals and schools. Click For More Information