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Liquiguard launches a revolutionary product: NanoKleanz!

LiquiGuard launches a new coating. NanoKleanz is an environment friendly degreaser and cleaner that replaces hazardous chemicals, mineral spirits and most hydrocarbon solvents in critical industrial and commercial cleaning and maintenance applications. At higher dilutions it can also be used as a non-foaming floor and carpet cleaner.

Most industrial strength cleaning products have inherent dangers or undesirable side effects linked to their use. State and Federal laws also mandate strict disposal procedures that can add to the overall cost and difficulties associated with their use. NanoKleanz is a water-soluble concentrated colloidal agent, that can be used for heavy duty degreasing or cleaning of any washable surface. Due to its superior colloidal holding power, NanoKleanz continues working long after most other cleaners have lost their effectiveness. It holds dirt and grease in a colloidal suspension in the solution and prevents re-depositing of the dirt.

NanoKleanz generates very low levels of foam and thus it easily rinses free of any residue. It is biodegradable, sewer disposable and non-flammable eliminating the need for explosion and fire proof work conditions. It is also safe to use in food preparation areas in homes and commercial establishments.

Key Properties:

Very effective and versatile water soluble cleaning and degreasing agent. Colloidal holding power prevents re-depositing of dirt and grease. Does not foam and easily rinses free of any residue without odor or unpleasant after effects. Non-toxic, non-flammable, non-fuming, environment friendly and bio-degradable. Economical, effective in hot and cold water with a longer cleaning cycle.