RustCote is a water based top coat specifically designed to be applied over unpainted and painted steel surfaces. Despite all efforts, including rust prevention primers, painted and powder coated structures, equipment and vehicles in coastal regions face severe corrosion related failures. Moist salt vapor permeates through the paint and initiates the process of rusting that spreads rapidly under the painted surface. The very first indication that corrosion has occurred is the appearance of rust infused blisters on the painted surfce. Unfortunately this evidence there is more rust beneath the painted surface. The only viable option available at this stage is to have the painted surface sandblasted to a white metal state and repainted.

RustCote's has been formulated to provide an effective barrier against vapor and moisture, preventing the passage of these elements to the bare metal. RustCote, a tough and durable coating is available in pigmented format for application over bare metal and as a clear coat for application over existing paint to provide additional barrier protection.

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RustCote Application

RustCote Stir the liquid thoroughly prior to application. It is extremely easy to apply using a brush, roller, airless sprayer or by dipping. The coating will become dry to the touch in 10 to 15 minutes at ambient temperature of 77°F. It will continue to cure over the next 72 hours and develop its optimal protective properties. Objects to be coated should be free of all surface dirt, rust and other contaminants. Coated objects maybe retreated as and when necessary. Bare and rust free steel should be primed with a rust protection primer, such as Liquiguard PC, prior to the application of RustCote. If applying RustCote over rusted metal, all loose rust should be wire brushed and cleaned. A rust converter, such as Liquiguard's FerraCote, should be applied to the bonded rust. Once the red rust has converted to black rust oxide, the application of RustCote can proceed.

RustCote Properties

  • Specic Gravity 8.51 lbs/gal
  • System solids 26.0% +/- 0.50%
  • Boiling Point >100°C (>212°F)
  • Solubility in Water Totally miscible
  • Reportable VOC 2% (concentrate)

  • RustCote Cleanup

    All normal precautions for use, storage and handling should be excercised as with any other paint product. Work area, tools, spills, etc. can be easily rinsed with fresh, clean water. When applying RustCote via spraying, make sure to protect surrounding areas from overspray. Wipe off excess and run-offs immediately with a damp rag or sponge. RustCote is available in clear, gold and blue tints. Storage temperatures should not exceed 16° - 25°C (60° to 77°F).