Liquiguard CC is an unprecedented chemical coating developed to protect electronic devices and printed circuit assemblies from damage when exposed to moisture, water, beverages, non-corrosive liquids and even mild solvents. More than a moisture repellant, Liquiguard CC is the only coating that will continue to protect the electronic device in case the device accidentally becomes fully immersed in water or other non-corrosive liquid. The device will remain protected while staying immersed for up to several minutes. Liquiguard CC is well suited for all types electronics encountered in everyday use and marine and aerospace environments. It will also prevent corrosion and failure of electrical connections in outdoor light fixtures such as street lighting, track lights, perimeter and landscape lighting.

Long term stability of the fully cured lm is excellent with a temperature tolerance range between 14° F to 275° F. Liquiguard CC's strong adhesion to the surface enhances shock resistance, stabilizes loose components and encapsulates loose debris from post production processes that can damage the circuit.

Liquiguard CC is a water based, odorless, and non-polluting coating unlike any other available in the market today. The unique protection of Liquiguard CC is made possible by the use of new and cutting edge polymers and innovative formulations. A coating thickness of 1.5 to 2.0 mil will provide optimal protection. This attribute also facilitates service and repairs eliminating the need to strip the coating prior to soldering. Liquiguard CC can be applied by spraying, brushing or dipping using conventional equipment. The coating becomes tack free in less than 15 minutes at ambient temperature of about 77°F. Full cure for optimal protection requires 48 to 72 hours. Cured Liquiguard CC forms a clear, tenacious and scratch resistant lm over the circuit board and components.

Liquiguard CC allows easily and permeates thoroughly to cover components and leads. A fully cured Liquiguard CC lm is highly durable and will stay in place and continue to provide optimal protection until physically removed. Liquiguard CC contains a UV "tracer chemical" to provide quality control in commercial applications. Missing or inadequate coating can be easily detected and corrected through additional application of Liquiguard CC. The coating is also designed to resist the occurrence and growth of mold, mildew and other fungi. Liquiguard CC is available in aerosol cans and in quart, gallon and five gallon containers. Larger bulk packages can also be provided. Liquiguard CC is non-toxic and environmentally safe.

Liquiguard CC Product Data Sheets

Product Data Sheet | Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) | Test Report (Various) | Dialectric & Dissipation Report