GalvaCote is a water based polymer emulsion with special adhesion promotion properties to all metal substrates, including galvanized surfaces. The key features of this resin matrix is early dry and wet adhesion to various metal substrates and superior vapor and water barrier properties. The corrosion protection of GalvaCote is similar to that of Liquiguard's DTM400 and consists of synergistic corrosion additives that work aggressively, in combination with the unique resin matrix, to ward the onset of the corrosion process. It is recommended for use in long-term applications where the use of heavy metals is of concern. When spray applied GalvaCote has a bright zinc finish and is ideal for use as a spot repair coating on galvanized surfaces.

The anti-corrosive pigments compounded in GalvaCote are non-toxic and free of polluting heavy metals. They utilize a unique synergy between ion scavenging and passivation mechanism. The coating exhibits outstanding corrosion and early water resistance for direct-to-metal primer applications. Besides a corrosion-resistant primer, GalvaCote is also a highly durable topcoat and can provide an aesthetic direct-to-metal finish. It can be used for industrial maintenance finishes, metal finishes for commercial buildings and protection for transportation vehicles such as buses, trucks, freight trains and ocean going container vessels. GalvaCote may be used for interior and exterior applications.

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GalvaCote Application

GalvaCote is extremely easy to apply using a brush, roller or airless sprayer and will air dry to form a tough tenacious film. The standard product has a medium gray color. The coating will become dry to the touch in 10 to 15 minutes at ambient temperature of 77°F. It will continue to cure over the next 72 hours and develop its optimal protective properties. Objects to be coated should be free of all surface dirt, rust and other contaminants. When used as a primer, GalvaCote can be topcoated with commonly available water based acrylic and urethane paints. It is important to allow the primer coat to dry completely before commencing with the application of additional coats or the topcoat.

GalvaCote Cleanup

GalvaCote has no fumes, odors or other hazards associated with the use of GalvaCote. All normal precautions for use, storage and handling should be excercised as with any other paint product. Work area, tools, spills, etc. can be easily rinsed with fresh, clean water. When applying DTM400 via spraying, make sure to protect surrounding areas from overspray. Wipe off excess and run-offs immediately with a damp rag or sponge. GalvaCote is also avilable in other metalic finishes on a special order basis.