CoilProtek is a totally water based protective coating formulated to prevent the oxidation and degradation of aluminum and copper heat dispersion fins, tubing and other non-ferrous components that make up the structure of air conditioner condensing units and evaporator coils. When left unprotected, exposure to the elements, dampness in confined spaces and airborne debris are responsible for the untimely malfunction of these expensive units. Well before their ultimate failure the decomposing metal fins start taking their toll by way of ineffciency and over consumption of energy.

CoilProtek , with its innovative polymers and cutting edge additives, helps in protecting these susceptible metal components, extending their useful life while stabilizing energy consumption and enhancing overall performance eefficienciess. The surface slip inherent in the coating prevents airborne debris from attaching to these surfaces and thus allows easier cleaning with pressurized air and water.

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CoilProtek Application

CoilProtek may be applied to all coil systems used in air conditioning, refrigeration, water cooling, DX coils, chilled water coils and indoor and outdoor condenser coils. Application of the coating during manufacturing or prior to installation will provide optimal benefits due to ease of access to all surfaces of the coil system and the pristine condition of the metal. Coil- Protek may be applied via brushing, dipping or spraying. A minimum of two coats are recommended for best results. Make sure that the first coat is dry to the touch before applying additional coats.

CoilProtek Cleanup

CoilProtek is a water based product and there are no odors, fumes or other hazards associated with the liquid. Tools and work areas can be quickly and easily rinsed with clean water.Prior to application, make sure that the object to be coated is dry and free of dirt, grease and other contaminants. When spraying be sure to mask of surrounding areas to protect from overspray.