LeatherGlos "Gloss" formula LeatherGlos "Gloss" is a clear, water based coating designed to protect and enhance all natural leather and vinyl articles that have a high gloss or patent leather finish.

The coating is wiped on rather than lathered and buffed. Leftover polish can stain hands and clothing, and trap dirt onto the surface not LeatherGlos "Gloss" Within minutes the coating is dried to a clear finish without any oily residue or remnants. It may be applied on any color leather or vinyl product.

LeatherGlos "Gloss" eliminates frequent polishing by creating a clear, flexible barrier that waterproofs and resists stains caused by oil, dirt and other contaminates. LeatherGlos "Gloss" also prevents scratches and scuffs, and can last for months before reapplication is desired. It has built-in UV protection which prevents items from fading, cracking, peeling or yellowing. And when exposed to areas with high heat, such as car dashboards, LeatherGlos "Gloss" does not get sticky.

LeatherGlos "Gloss" is an eco-friendly product that is non-hazardous and doesn't produce fumes or unpleasant odors. It is not designed for use on suede or nubuck.

Suggested uses for LeatherGlos "Gloss" include:

  • All Patent Leather (Purses, Shoes, Military Shoes, Handbags, Wallets, Belts, Watch Bands, and more)
  • Any leather or vinyl that require high gloss/shiny appearance

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    LeatherGlos Gloss

    LeatherGlos "Gloss" Application

    LeatherGlos "Semi-Gloss" can be applied by spraying or brushing and is available in various packing sizes. Make sure to cycle clean water through the trigger spray after use to prevent clogging. For the best results and finish, apply the LeatherGlos using a foam brush. One coat is sufficient, in most cases, to achieve a 'like new' lasting finish. LeatherGlos will dry in minutes at ambient temperature of about 78°F and low humidity. Drying can be accelerated using an ordinary hair dryer. Once dry to the touch the coated object may be put in use.

    LeatherGlos "Gloss" Key Benefits

  • One Solution for All Colors/Styles
  • Quick and Easy to Apply
  • Lasts Many Months
  • Highly Water Resistant
  • Resistant to Oil and Food Stains
  • Won't Fade, Crack or Peel from UV Exposure
  • No Oily Residue
  • Flexible and Supple
  • Resists Scratching and Scuffing
  • 100% GREEN (No Fumes or Odors)

  • LeatherGlos "Gloss" Cleanup

    Make sure that the object to be coated and sealed is dry and free of dirt, grease and other contaminants. For best results use isopropyl alcohol (IPA) or any mild cleaning solution to thoroughly wipe the object to be coated. When spraying, make sure to protect surrounding areas from overspray. Tools and work area can be quickly and easily rinsed with water. Wipe off excess and run off immediately with a damp rag or sponge.

    LeatherGlos "Gloss" Testimonials

    This note will describe the pleasant surprise I received when using LEATHERGLOS. A friend of mine suggested I try this product. In my position, a well shined pair of shoes is a daily necessity, which has always been a pain. In trying LEATHERGLOS, it seemed miraculous. Simply using a foam brush and applying a light coat, within a few short minutes I had a beautiful shine. It was so simple I used the product on several pairs of shoes. Now, two months later I've not touched my shoes and the shine looks as it did on day one. Thank you for such a wonderful product.

    - C. Ross (Bay Colony, FL)

    During the last two years I have had broad experience using LEATHERGLOS from Liquiguard Technologies. My experience with the company and product has exceeded all my expectations. I have used the product on leather furniture in my house and my golf shoes. The results have been excellent. I applied LEATHERGLOS to two pair of my golf shoes a year ago. These shoes are each worn once a week. To date I have not polished them or applied additional LEATHERGLOS and the two pair of golf shoes look as good as the day I took them from the box just by taking a cloth and water to them after each wearing. As far as my furniture is concerned the same result. I applied LEATHERGLOS about nine months ago and it may my nine year old leather furniture shine like new. More importantly it has been protecting the surface for the last nine months and the furniture looks as good today as the day I bought it.

    Several of my friends and members of my golf club have used the LEATHERGLOS product. The results are always the same. Their shoes shine like new and the protection lasts for months. In fact the locker room attendant at my club is starting to use the product instead of shoe polish which saves him time and makes him more productive and the members more satisfied.

    I have several large companies evaluating the product for Liquiguard Technologies and am very hopeful to close a deal near term. I highly recommend the product. It is real, it is unique and it works.

    - Ralph D'Altilia (Principal - Xcelr8 Partners)

    "I was a little reluctant to try LEATHERGLOS on my favorite brown leather boots. They have a soft, supple leather that has a sort of crushed look and I was a bit concerned that they might change the color or feel of the leather. I used the Satin formula and couldn't believe how little product I needed to get the job done probably less than 1/2 ounce. When I first applied it, the shoes looked wet and I was a bit nervous. 5 minutes later as it dried, the areas that had looked worn out were completed rejuvenated and the boots looked like they'd just gotten the perfect conditioning and polish! Now I wear them in the rain, wherever with no problems and they look and feel just great. I'm impressed, LEATHERGLOS is really an amazing product.

    - Brian S. (San Francisco, CA)

    After trying several shoe products and wasting my money on them, I can finally say without a doubt that your company has what is called an "undiscovered gem" of a product. My high heel leather shoes look phenomenal! My boy friend actually said "So when did you get those new pair of shoes?" Best of all it took two minutes to put on and five minutes to dry. Time is of the essence when you live in the Big Apple!

    - Maria V. (NY, NY)