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LeatherPro - represents a series of water based, fume and odor free, leather repair and treatment coatings for the leather refinishing professional. LeatherPro series provides a complete range of leather treatment materials that allows the professional refinisher to rejuvenate faded, scratched, worn and abused leather furnishings and restore them to a pristine state.

Unlike most of the readily available leather refinishing materials, LeatherPro coatings do not contain hazardous ingredients and do not present health or other physical danger to the user or the environment. The products are extremely safe and easy to work with do not require special equipment or precautions in their use or application. LeatherPro products are not designed for use on suede or nubuck.

LeatherPro series consists of 5 distinct coatings, each serving a specific purpose at the various stages that the refinishing process goes through at the hands of the leather professional.

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