LiquiGuard Industrial Products

There has been a shift in the industrial and manufacturing world today towards the use of eco-friendly products that are both healthy and sustainable. LiquiGuard Technologies, Inc. is an innovator in developing durable, biodegradable protective coatings for industrial purposes.

The use of harmful chemicals, solvents and other pollutants are no longer a reliable, long term option for industries. And due to the progressing nature for businesses to maintain a safe and healthy environment, it's important to seek products that will not only ensure safety and health, but will also guarantee an increase in efficiency and profitability. All while projecting an image of environmental responsibility.

LiquiGuard Technologies, Inc. is committed to that responsibility by developing high quality, eco-friendly protective coatings for the industrial market. Our products cater to a wide range of surfaces, and protect from natural weathering; as well as provide special features such as creating non-slip surfaces to prevent future slip and fall accidents, the second greatest cause of injuries and death.

Beyond our ongoing quest to build and refine our existing suite of protective coating solutions, LiquiGuard works directly with industries to develop solutions for unique pain points. We welcome direct inquiries and our engineers are capable of solving some of the most complicated issues facing businesses today.

All of our products are made in the U.S.A.