LiquiGuard's Environmental Commitment

At LiquiGuard Technologies, Inc., we believe it's our responsibility to use sustainable products that are safe for the environment, as well as ourselves.

Over the years, awareness of our own carbon footprint has increased, and now people are seeking healthy and more efficient ways to protect the things the love without putting the environment in further danger.

LiquiGuard strives to develop high quality, biodegradable coatings that contain low VOC's, and are compliant with EPA laws to ensure safety and efficiency for all industries. Our coatings provide long-term durability, which reduces our own carbon footprint. And its water base allows for convenient disposals without causing damage or pollution.

We put in a high degree of research to find the latest and best raw materials that are healthy, yet affordable. And our cost-effective coatings, allow homeowners and businesses to create a safe and productive environment for years to come.

If we combine our efforts, together, we can do our part to protect this planet by using sustainable products that are eco-friendly, and mutually beneficial to our health.