At LiquiGuard Technologies, Inc. we strive to develop high quality coatings that are safe to use and easy to apply for any consumer at home or in the workplace.

Most industrial coatings contain toxic properties that can either harm your skin, or create long term medical problems not LiquiGuard's. Our coatings are all water based and biodegradable, and they don't release any harmful toxins or fumes. Not only are we committed to developing healthy household and industrial products, but we ensure that our coatings are top of the line; supported by a high degree of research for the latest and best raw materials that are both durable, yet cost effective.

LiquiGuard's products were developed with the consumer in mind; taking existing products anti-slip coating, leather/vinyl polish, car care, etc.. and improving upon them; or finding solutions where none currently exist, in order to protect our personal items and our loved ones. Our household and industrial products are convenient and easy to apply with little to no mess. And have a durability that outlasts most competitors without etching, or stripping away your natural surfaces.

The majority of our coatings are single solutions require no mixing to reduce time and effort. And they provide many features beyond their main purpose to protect, maintain and enhance the lifespan of your goods and surfaces waterproofing, stain proofing, UV protection, and protection against mold and mildew. Our products can serve many different functions, and cover a wide range of surfaces including: leather, canvas, concrete, wood, metal, granite, plastics, rugs, fabrics and many more.

We promise to continue developing high quality, innovative coatings that will enrich and improve our daily lives. As well as maintain our commitment to you and the environment, that LiquiGuard is a brand you and your loved ones can trust.