BioStrip is a highly effective paint stripping systems that contains eco-friendly, non-hazardous ingredients. It's an excellent alternative to low flash point materials that contain harmful ingredients including peroxides, methylene chloride and NMP; an acetone that is commonly used for stripping applications.

BioStrip does not damage surfaces such as aluminum, concrete, metal, steel, wood and other composites. This unique product contains 15% bio-renewable carbon and its high loading capacity allows it to be altered and rescued.

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BioStrip Features

  • High Flash Point
  • High loading capacity makes BIOSTRIP last longer.
  • Low evaporation rate allows for long stripper on substrate.
  • Volume use due to fewer reapplications resulting from solvent evaporation.
  • Will not harm aluminum, composites, concrete, metal, steel or wood.
  • Contains no carcinogenic or toxic compounds.


Flat or vertical surfaces: Apply 1-2 mils of stripper to substrate. Allow sucient time forpaint to lift o. Remove witha plastic paint scraper. Typically a dwell time of 45 to 60 minutes is sucient for waterborne2-part urethanes and other coatings. Dwell times needed to remove coatings are dependenton the coating's thickness, type and age, as well as the porosity of the surface. Asecond stripper application may be necessary in some cases.

Dip/Immersion tank applications: Soak coated materials in BIOSTRIP (ambient temperature) until coating blisters or falls. Intricately detailed parts may require mild brushing to remove coating from the design's crevices.


  • Contains no carcinogenic or toxic compounds.
  • Contains no peroxides, methylene chloride, NMP or other dangerous chemicals.
  • Contains no ozone depleting chemicals, no hazardous air pollutants (HAPs) and no global warmingcompounds.
  • No SARA reportable components.
  • Readily bio-degradable.
  • VOC compliant per EPA and CARB regulations.