At Liquiguard Technologies', industrial strength cleansers provide the finest quality in eco-friendly cleaning solutions. Safe enough for commercial and residential environments, our cleansers are available for cleaning, degreasing and stripping floors and other surfaces of dirt, oil, grease and debris. Our cleansers are biodegradable and non-hazardous, and may be used to clean and remove Liquiguard coatings.

EcoKleanz - Starting at: $29.95
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EcoKleanz - is an eco-friendly bio-solvent that's used as a cleaner and floor stripper to remove gums, sealers, coatings and other films and contaminates that are hard to remove. Use EcoKleanz to remove many of Liquiguard's protective coating solutions.

SupaKleanz CONC - Concentrated - Starting at: $29.95
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SupaKleanz - is a heavy-duty degreaser designed to handle tough, industrial cleaning jobs. It removes oil, grease, gums, polymers, carbon deposits and similar contaminates on most washable substrates. And it may be used on a variety of surfaces such as floors, exhaust hoods, machinery, industrial equipment, engines, conveyors, presses and more.
SupaKleanz Concentrated
Maybe diluted up to 20 times the volume.

BioStrip - Starting at: $9.95
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BioStrip - is a highly effective paint stripping systems that contains eco-friendly, non-hazardous ingredients. This unique product has high flash point. And its high loading capacity allows it to last longer, and be altered and rescued.

BioSol-H460 - Starting at: $7.95
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BioSol-H460 - is a non-hazardous, biodegradable solution to many solvents used in the industry today. It is an excellent alternative for acrylic, epoxy, urethane, and alkyd systems. And can be used to formulate a variety of solvents including coatings, paints, sealers, adhesives, thinners and cleaners.