Auto / Marine And Aircraft Coatings

Liquiguard's coatings offer great solutions to protect, maintain and preserve your automobiles, aircrafts and marine crafts. Our eco-friendly, water-based solutions contain no toxins or harmful chemicals. And they are safe and easy to apply, out-performing our competitors while extending the life of the surfaces that are treated.

Liquiguard's protective coatings reduce the need for major repairs or replacement, making them cost-effective solutions for multiple purposes. The coatings are durable enough to treat and protect, without etching or damaging. And they provide waterproofing and UV protection, as well as prevent the growth of mold and mildew for a wide range of surfaces including: tires and rubber surfaces, auto trim, dashboards and paneling, headlights and transparent screens. These exciting products represent the next generation in car care, and marine and aircraft coatings.

ShineOnTrim - Starting at: $19.95

ShineOnTrim is a high gloss, black-colored coating designed to restore faded hard plastic and vinyl trim, and make them look like-new. An addition to our ShineOn car care, it replaces lost pigments and polymer resins in your trims and moldings, and restores it to a glossy black color that can last up to whole year before reapplication is needed. Click For More Information


ShineOnFlex - Starting at: $19.95

ShineOnFlex is a clear, flexible coating that creates a glossy "wet" appearance on soft and flexible surfaces. An addition to our ShineOn line, ShineOnFlex is designed for surfaces such as tire sidewalls and window seals by enhancing the material, and creating a clean, shiny finish that is long lasting and oil free. Click For More Information


LensRenu - Starting at: $19.95

LensRenu is the simple, economical solution for restoring and preventing cloudy, discolored headlights with minimal effort and without paying high repair costs. It restores clarity and reduces yellowing on worn out headlights; as well as prevents them from reoccurring for months of protection.

Headlights are the most critical component for safe, nighttime driving. They must be clear in order to provide effective lighting. And if not, it could easily become a road hazard. Click For More Information


Giv-a-Glo - Starting at: $19.95

Giv-a-Glo is a glossy surface enhancement and protective solution that takes just minutes to apply and last for weeks. It is totally water based, has no fumes, odors or hazardous ingredients.It has been formulated to replace commonly used automotive treatments that have a short lived effectiveness, leave an oily residue and are easily washed off. Giv-a-Glo does not contains oils, will not rub off on contact and will keep the coated surface clean from spills and stains. Giv-a-Glo leaves a crystal clear film and can be applied to all surfaces regardless of color. Click For More Information