Liquiguard Technologies, Inc., specializes in the development of water-based, biodegradable protective coatings that meet and exceed consumer, commercial and industrial requirements. Liquiguard Technologies, Inc. origins go back more than a decade with the development and US military certification of Liquiguard, under MIL-6058-C, as an equivalent to the prevailing acrylic, silicone and urethane based conformal coatings. Liquiguard has the unique honor of having met all of the requirements of three separate coatings. Today, Liquiguard Technologies, Inc. continues to expand and refine its unique portfolio of high performance water-based coatings designed to maintain, protect and extend the useful life of a wide range of valued investments. Liquiguard is focused on developing feature-rich coating solutions that improve upon existing products and resolve pain points for a variety of industries and markets. Liquiguard’s ever expanding coatings portfolio provides unique value to a diverse marketplace seeking effective, durable solutions that are safe, easy to use, and environmentally responsible.