SupaKleanz is a heavy-duty degreaser designed to handle tough, industrial cleaning jobs. It removes oil, grease, gums, polymers, carbon deposits and similar contaminates on most washable substrates. And it may be used on a variety of surfaces such as floors, exhaust hoods, machinery, industrial equipment, engines, conveyors, presses and more. SupaKleanz works first, by penetrating contaminates. Then, the bond to the substrate is broken down, allowing the soil to be lifted from the surface.

It is non-corrosive to aluminum and other metals. And, afterward, it creates a protective film that makes future cleaning easier. SupaKleanz may be used in its concentrated form for extremely tough jobs, like grease removal. However, it may also be diluted in water for medium to light-duty cleaning, and for covering larger surfaces. Maximum dilution recommended is 1:20 (SupaKleanz:water).

Compared to hazardous, industry standard solvents which use dip tanks and ultrasonic equipment, SupaKleanz is a safer solution with low VOC's and non-hazardous ingredients.

SupaKleanz (CONC) Concentrated - Product Information

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SupaKleanz Concentrated
Maybe diluted up to 20 times the volume.

SupaKleanz (CONC) Benefits

  • Emulsies oils, greases, polymers, tars and related contaminates
  • Not corrosive to aluminum and other metals
  • Effectively removes oil, grease, gums, polymers and other soils from most washable substrates
  • Used as a concentrate or diluted with water (up to 20x)
  • Can be used and applied by common manual methods and via pressure sprayers and auto scrubbers
  • Leaves a light film to protect surfaces, making future clean-up easier
  • High Flash point
  • Cleaning rags/towels/mops used with SupaKleanz will not undergo spontaneous combustion
  • Economical

SupaKleanz (CONC) Properties

Specfiic Gravity - 0.98
3 Boiling Point >204°C (>400°F)
Flash Point >126°C (>259°F)
Solubility in Water - Totally miscible
Reportable VOC - 10% (concentrate)

SupaKleanz (CONC) Environmental

  • Bio-based containing a minimum of 40% carbon from bio-renewable sources
  • Short term biodegradable
  • Concentrate is low VOC and non-HAP
  • Diluted solutions are low VOC ( < 10%)
  • Non-toxic and non-carcinogenic