Liquiguard Technologies is both a manufacturer and R&D firm promoting the development of Green protective coatings for the future needs of industrial, commercial and consumer markets.  Aside from our ongoing quest to refine our existing line of coating solutions, Liquiguard is constantly working on new innovations in the world of eco-bio friendly protective coatings.


One of the important ways that Liquiguard is extending its outreach around the world starts with our work with other manufacturers, fabricators and resellers of a variety of coatings and surfaces.  In today's global market, the pace of change is staggering and the search for cleaner, more environmentally responsible but durable and effective coatings neverending.  Liquiguard believes that just because something hasn't been developed doesn't mean it can't be developed.  And sometimes the idea that seems the most complex can turn out to be the simplest. 


The search for better coating technologies starts with the unmet needs of a market.  For Liquiguard, our innovation often begins with listening.  Listening to our customers or listening to the market and what they have to say about their need for a new or better solution to their problems.  Liquiguard is constantly working with other companies to develop revolutionary water-based coating solutions to solve pain points and improve existing processes.


We invite industry to connect with us to share their requirements for next generation, Green coating solutions.  Contact Liquiguard today to discuss your goals and see if we can't collaborate to find solutions that matter.  Let's work together to improve your business, grow your company, and make the world a better place for everyone.