Liquiguard manufactures a wide variety of coatings for homes and businesses. We find solutions to common daily problems, and provide you with cost effective, long term results that are safe to use and easy to apply. Our eco-friendly, water based coatings are biodegradable and contain non-hazardous ingredients that won't produce harmful fumes or odors. We also guarantee our products to be highly durable with properties that will improve the quality and lifespan of your investments.

We designed our coatings for easy application with little to no mess. And the majority of our products are single-solutions which require no mixing, and are hassle free. Liquiguard's products are non-damaging and won't etch surfaces. And can be removed with our own cleansers without stripping or altering its appearance.

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SealCote Benefits

No More Stripping - Stripping, burnishing or waxing are no longer necessary. When it is time to re-coat, simply add a fresh coat right over the existing coat. Quick and easy, once evey 2 to 5 years. Cheaper - No stipping or burnishing means less floor maintenance labor and lower maintenance costs. An estimated 86% of floor care cost is labor.

SealCote can eliminate 3%% to 70% of that cost. Seals Grout - SealCote prevents staining and built-in mildewcides inhibit the growth of mold and mildew which cause discoloration. Anti-microbials may be custom ordered.

More Sustainable - SealCote is a great way to make your facility more "green" compliant. Stripping, burnishing and re-waxing floors emits air pollutants, creates chemical by-products and wastes precious commodities such as electricity and water.

SealCote Application

SealCote is a 2-part urethane system which includes the primary emulsion and a catalyst that are mixed together just prior to application at a 3:2 ratio. It can be applied by brush, roller or HVLP sprayer without the need for extensive surface preparation. To ensure lasting adhesion and flawless finish make sure that the target surface is free of dirt and debris.

Special attention should be given to the removal of oil and grease type contaminants as they will prevent SealCote from bonding with the surface. All basic precautions associated with paints and painting should be followed including proper ventilation, masking off areas that will not be coated and preventing air borne debris from invading the area being coated and while the coating is wet.

Ventilation is required when applying SealCote. One coat of SealCote is usually sufficient and coverage rates are approximately 750 s/f per 120 oz. kit on smooth flooring surfaces.

SealCote Technical Data

Chemical Data:
NVW (%) = 37.5% (+/- 1%)
pH = 7.5 - 8.5
Visc. (cps) = 1800
Flash Point = > 201°F
Chemical Stability = Stable
Polymerization = Does not occur
Storage = 50 - 80°F

Physical Data:
Koenig hardness = 140