ZebraCote's is a high solids waterborne, low VOC, tough and durable coating specically designed as a striping paint. Its superiority over similar products stems from the coatings high tensile strength, adhesion to practically any substrate, abrasion resistance and long term weatherability. Besides its unique resin structure, ZebraCote has been formulated with extenders that far exceed the likes of calcium carbonate and kaolin in performance.

The composition also includes cutting edge ultraviolet absorbers and mold, mildew and fungus inhibitors. ZebraCote may be used for striping and marking on all types of roads, highways, parking lots, air fields and athletic and recreation areas. It is available in all standard colors used in these areas. ZebraCote is lead free, fume and odor free and does not contain ingredients considered hazardous to humans, animals or the environment.

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ZebraCote Coverage

ZebraCote coverage per gallon will be dependent on the porosity of the surface the coating is being applied to and the ultimate dry lm thickness desired. In general, ZebraCote should yield on average about 250 square feet per gallon. ZebraCote is formulated to protect against staining from oil, grease, fuels, and other spills and prevents and controls the formation and growth of mold, mildew and algae.

ZebraCote Application

may be applied by brush, roller or low pressure airless sprayers. When applying multiple coats allow some drying time between coats. At 77°F and 50% RH the coating should be dry to the touch in about 30 minutes. The time may vary based on exact prevailing conditions. ZebraCote is designed to cure by merely air drying. The curing process will continue over a 48 hour period at which time it will achieve its optimal properties. Prior to application make sure that the surface to be coated is reasonably clean and free of grease and oils. Do not apply at temperatures below 50°F or above 90°F. Hold o the application if rain or heavy dew is imminent. Avoid heavy buildup, puddling, and overlapping.

ZebraCote Cleanup

Clean spills and spatters immediately with clean water. Clean hands and tools immediately after use to prevent the coating from setting up as the dry coating will be difficult to remove. If the application is via spraying, flush spray equipment with sucient amount of clean water to prevent any residue of ZebraCote staying in the system and clogging up the mechanism.

Clean Up
Clean hands, tools and equipment promptly with soap and warm water Application