PolyCourt is a superior, tennis court, resurfacing material that provides long-term durability and weatherability. PolyCourt contains state-of the art polymers that create a tough, durable surface when applied. It stays relatively cool and does not heat up like conventional hard courts. The cured film uses tensile strength in order to withstand the expansion and contraction of the court without cracking. Unique resins are also supported with extenders that provide a high degree of abrasion resistance; allowing the court surface to withstand wear and tear without deteriorating.

PolyCourt uses a very hard quartz material, produced in a controlled environment, to deliver even-sized particles for an evenly textured surface. Conventional hard court paints use sand making the surface difficult to texture evenly, due to the lack of uniformity in the grains. Sand particles also have sharp edges which make the surface crush easily and reduce its lifespan. PolyCourt offers customizable playing surfaces for the courts. The quartz aggregate also withstands high surface pressures while still maintaining its texture.

It won't fade or deteriorate due to UV exposure. And built-in mildewcides prevent the growth of any fungus on its surface. PolyCourt has eco-friendly, biodegradable ingredients that are completely water-based and produce no harmful fumes or odors.

PolyCourt Product Details

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PolyCourt Application

PolyCourt can be applied via brushing, rolling or spraying. Special grades of PolyCourt may be purchased for levelling low lying areas or lling cracks, prior to top coating. Depending on ambient temperatures PolyCourt will be fully cured and playable in approximately 48 hours. PolyCourt coated surfaces remain relatively cool and do not heat up like conventional hard courts. This aspects helps extend the longevity of the coating and the courts. All clean up can be conducted with the use of regular tap water.